These articles form the first few in a potential series. If there's sufficient interest, then I'll keep going and write more articles. Simply leave a comment telling me which aspects of computer use you'd be interested in hearing about.

My "credentials" are that I spent over twelve years in the IT industry as a software developer, mainly on the MS Windows platforms, though I have some knowledge of other operating systems.

Having said that, I'm not an expert (except perhaps in some areas of programming*) so please don't expect miracles nor an all-encompassing on-line help service.

I've also used some software but by no means all. I'm therefore unable to help with the fine details of specific applications/versions. Therefore please try to keep your requests and suggestions of a more general nature.

So, on with the show...


The Captain's Computer Tips are a series of short articles designed to help non-technical people with their blogging, browsing and other computer activities.

They fall into several categories, listed below.

Category Articles
HTML Bold & Italic, Hyperlinks.
Safety Backups, Passwords, Browsers.