Part V: Safety (2) - Alternative Browsers

In this article I'm going to talk about alternative web browsers. By alternative, I mean browsers that can be used in place of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). Despite being the most popular browser in terms of the numbers of users, IE is notorious for its problems, among which are:

Browsers for Consideration

Here are some of the browsers that you may wish to consider as replacements for IE. Note that they can all be downloaded and installed free of charge!

Browser Producer Notes
Chrome Google Very simple and straightforward to install. Easy to use but somewhat lacking in advanced features.
Firefox Mozilla
Open Source project
Extremely popular and a good balance between number of features and ease of use.
Internet Exploder Microsoft Most popular but most problematic, in the opinion of many, myself included.
Opera Opera Software Very clean and simple interface. Features are easy and effective. Good support for e-mail and RSS feeds.
Safari Apple Claims to be the fastest but while this may be true on Macintosh platforms, is certainly not true on Windows.

I've not included text-only browsers, such as Lynx, as I have no experience of those. I would highly recommend that you give these a try. You might be surprised at how your web browsing experience is improved. My personal favourite is Opera.