Changes Log

Date Changes
05/04/10 The Game of Life is now available in the fun section.
16/02/10 Re-worked and re-enabled home page and navigation frame.
10/07/09 Refactored a lot of JavaScript, in preparation for forthcoming changes.
15/05/09 Added the Coffee Graph information page. Also added sorting ability to some tables.
08/05/09 Updated the short stories list for completeness.
06/05/09 Added Cally's book details to the NRP gadget.
22/04/09 Added the WRL gadget. Fixed the Word-o-Meter's handling of negative numbers and percentages greater than 100.
18/04/09 Re-worked some JavaScript functions.
07/04/09 Added more external links (thanks to Cally).
03/04/09 Added Spectrum episode of Asteroid.
20/03/09 Added Bank episode of Asteroid.
04/03/09 Added Big Ears episode of Asteroid.
19/02/09 Added Inverness episode of Asteroid.
11/02/09 Added Sunrise episode of Asteroid. Added more external links.
29/01/09 Added Drawn episode of Asteroid. Added more external links.
21/01/09 Added Fisher Eight episode of Asteroid.
20/01/09 Colour-coded PoV streams in Asteroid.
17/01/09 Added Breakdown episode of Asteroid.
18/12/08 The list of external links is now scripted. This enables it to be used on other blogs and web sites.
09/11/08 More episodes of Asteroid now available to read.
06/11/08 First two episodes of Asteroid now available to read.
25/10/08 Extract from Blood on the Rooftops available.
20/10/08 Novel Racers' publications gadget.
16/10/08 Created a place-holder for the forthcoming Asteroid story.
10/10/08 Novel Racers' coffee morning page is now just a redirection prompt.
26/09/08 Added a new page with a table of Novel Racers' coffee morning blog posts.
14/07/08 The "blogs" link now points to my blogger profile, rather than just Cloud Base.
09/07/08 Added some links to stories written on various blogs.
22/05/08 Slight re-organisation of material and menus. More backdrop images added.
21/04/08 Sample chapter for The Wild One's Hideout available.
15/04/08 Softened the dependency of the Insight story on the Nexus environment. The story is now "influenced by" the Nexus background, rather than set in or dependent on it. This is to avoid potential copyright issues, though the link may become a stronger and more collaborative one in the future.
28/03/08 Fixed show/hide toggling problem for pages with background images.
21/02/08 Finished the first draft of The Wild One's Hideout.
12/02/08 Sample chapter available for The Bridge Across Forever.
31/01/08 Style overhaul.
20/01/08 Navigation menus now have dynamic expand/collapse.
13/01/08 Simplified word meter to use a single colour. The 3D-look was too slow rendering.
18/12/07 Moved the Bridge Across Forever story from the shorts section to the fiction section.
12/12/07 Moved the Insight story from the shorts section to the fiction section. Also added a progress page for the novel.
11/12/07 Added link to Lanzarote 2007 photos.
12/11/07 Added 'fade' visual effect to word meters. Should really be getting on with the writing!
08/11/07 Added a link to my blog. Also added meter bars to works-in-progress. Changed some imagery around.
31/10/07 Added the writing methodology section.
21/10/07 Corrected a few minor spelling mistakes and typos in Street Prejudice. Thanks Pol!
11/10/07 Added author's notes for Fugue In D Minus.
10/10/07 Added hidden goodies page.
26/09/07 Added links page.
18/08/07 Added Street Prejudice to the short stories section.
12/08/07 Added a picture of me (see left).
08/08/07 Downloads now available in Rich Text Format (RTF) and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).
23/07/07 Added I'm Here To Help You poem.
20/07/07 Added icons in title bar. You can click on them. Tweaked appearance, fonts & layout.
17/07/07 Added Articles Of Desire poem. Moved Cruising into the Poems section. Minor spelling corrections to Fugue In D Minus.
03/07/07 Added poems section.
26/06/07 Added The Path to Nowhere in the short stories section. Added link to new photo album on facebook.
21/06/07 Added download column to table of short stories so that you can get the original documents rather than reading them on-line. Added link to 'clever advert' pictures on Facebook.
12/06/07 My photographs have now moved onto Facebook.
11/06/07 Added some more art work to various pages.
10/06/07 Added the "answer" to Cruising.