Row Col Status Generations Speed (g/min)
0 0 Dead 0 0

The Game of Life

Click the grid squares to toggle them between dead and alive, or click "random" for a random starting configuration. Start/stop the game with the "start" button. Reset to clear all the cells.

The Game of Life is a mini experiment in evolution. Each cell can be "alive" or "dead". Cells that have been alive for some time will slowly change colour. The evolutionary rules are as follows:

  1. Any live cell with exactly two or three live neighbours will remain alive.
  2. Any live cell that has less than two or more than three live neighbours will die.
  3. Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbours will be born alive again.

The process repeats and life goes on. Or perhaps it dies out, you try it for yourself.

This game is also a good test for the speed of your browser's JavaScript engine.

Known Issues