An alarming headlong drop from my perch sends me rushing towards the Earth with tremendous acceleration. The wind tears at my body and blurs my eyes. The dizzying rotation makes it hard to concentrate. Everything is whirling crazily around. Now I find a point of reference. An invisible friend in the sky. A ghost from my flock. Stability comes as I use my tail to control the fall. The fall becomes a dive but the speed is still terrifying.

I spread my wings wide, airbraking to kill the dreadful speed. Changing pitch to turn the dive into flight. Banking to turn and begin the journey. Soaring above the vast expanse of the blue ocean below. My downward glide slowly flattens and before I reach the sea I use my body's power to propel myself forward. Now I draw my wings tighter into my body so my speed increases. I'm cruising along just above the choppy waves. I can see the coast ahead of me. The land where my journey will take me. Soon I am over the coast and inland, banking occasionally with small twitches of my wings and tail to avoid the strange looking structures that mankind builds. As tall as trees but not looking at all like nature.

Ahead are the hills, so I use my body to power forwards, spreading my wings wider again to lift me up higher. Soon I am over the hills and gliding down purely by gravity, tipping my wings to head towards the town below. I pull my wings in tight once more, thrilled as the rush of speed builds and builds. Now I'm flying close to the ground and heading towards a building with a pointed roof. My memory tells me it's called a church but I don't know how I know that. Perhaps my home will be there.

My eyes and my brain have tricked me. I am closer than I thought. What looked like sky and clouds in the distance are really just an image. Too late I see myself in the glass and crash into it. No time to slow down, just go through, the jagged pieces falling behind me, too slow to hurt my body. Then comes pain. My head strikes a wall and my body collapses onto the floor.

Now something strange is happening in my skull. A sharp pain in my belly sends a metal rod thrusting up into my skull, piercing the heavy doughnut that leaves me so little room for brain. A tremendous heat builds and instantly I am dead. You and your colleagues will be dead in two seconds. Your friends will be dead in two minutes. Your parents will be dead in two years. In two hundred years the town will be built again. I wish I had been the last of my kind and that we were extinct, but sadly we live on.