We are unlikely to release any more samples from Insight, for copyright reasons. You can read an early version of Reflections, since this has already been posted on the Cloud Line blog.


Insight is a full length novel, set in a future UK in the years following an economic and ecological crisis. The nation has become severely divided; politically, socially and geographically. Atlas Industries, the dominant company and military force, provide everything citizens need for a safe and secure life. This comes with a price though: Atlas control every aspect of living and every movement. Within their domain is a rigid hierarchy. The rich live lives of luxury and entertainment, while the working classes are forced into a mundane, though provided-for existence.

Outside the realms of Atlas-controlled Havens, live rebels, dissidents, bounty hunters and criminals. Undesirable areas of danger, anarchy, chaos and lawlessness. Or so Atlas would have you believe. In reality, the Hunter clans and rural settlers lead a more civilised and organised life. Most of the time.

The two worlds are not as separate as it seems. Atlas have a dependency on the Hunters living out in the Unclaimed Expanse, and on aspects of their herb-craft. A dependency that is a carefully guarded secret, known only to a handful of company board members. Despite their genetic engineering capability, Atlas have so far been unable to synthesis what they need for themselves. Now they have a plan to end this situation and remove their weakness. A plan that requires the capture of particular individuals.


The story was originally written in two distinct streams, though these have now been merged to form the complete novel. The main stream follows Atlas' attempts to learn the secrets of their dependency. The adventure stream follows Wolf's escape from Thamesvale Haven and his return to his clan in the Expanse.


Note that the expected total is an estimate and may be inaccurate. Also, some of the chapters in the main stream are reused in the adventure stream.

Rickard and his friends leave their rural settlement to travel for a trade meeting. On the way they pass near Cribwood forest between the outer reaches of Thamesvale Haven and the ruins of the pre-crisis cities, Siren and Chenham. They are captured by the Moon Dogs, a Hunter clan who roam there. Soon they become uneasy friends with Wolf and the other captors, trading stories around the camp fire. Atlas also have their reasons for being interested in Rickard. After receiving intelligence about the traders' capture, they mount a rescue operation.

During the fighting, Wolf is also captured and taken to Thamesvale Haven for interrogation. He escapes, fights and bluffs his way out of the Haven's nucleus and starts back towards his home, Cribwood forest in the Expanse, gaining a companion refugee along the way. Will they make it to safety before the Atlas authorities catch up with them? What has happened to Rickard and his friends? Will Atlas achieve their aims? How many will have to die in the process?

Originally co-authored by Jason and myself, the project is now being taken forward by Jason. The first draft is complete and the manuscript is undergoing its first editing phase.