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This story was inspired by a very drunken social evening of ten-pin bowling with some friends and colleagues of mine. At the end of the evening, I fell asleep on a wall just hundreds of metres short of my home. Later I got to thinking about all the things that could have happened.

The bit about the concrete hut was inspired by a time when I was a kid and my friend and I used to play in some water-works. We once found a hut and an underground tunnel, though it turned out to be nothing more than an access point to a pipe and valve system.

Characters (In Alphabetical Order)



Kerry keeps waking up in strange places with memory loss of how she got there. There is also a strange phrase: D-Minus that keeps haunting her. She knows it means something significant, but what?

Each time she wakes up she is further from home, but closer to a strange concrete phone booth like shelter in a field near a power station. There is also the strange business of her house keys that keep turning up in her coat pocket, even though she always keeps them in her handbag.

At a pub, the suspected bad guy (McPaul) appears to make a mistake by handing girl her keys from her coat pocket (how did he know?). Later at a party, he appears to get off the hook, as one of his friends (Neil) says that they've been on holiday until that day.

She gets off with Lee, one of her work colleagues. She confides to him about her amnesia problem and the strange hut in the field. Together they go to check it out and discover an underground complex. All the rooms are locked except one labelled D-11. They go in and find just a table and chair. The inside of the door has the 11 of D-11 worn away, leaving just D- visible. This is the source of the strange obsession with D-Minus. On the table is a projector facing a white wall, and a used syringe. She has been subjected to some kind of drugs and perhaps some projected images. Mind control? They decide to go to the police and let them investigate it.

Lee cannot get in contact with Kerry on Sunday. Decides to go back to the complex to investigate. It is empty, as before.

Monday morning at work, Kerry and Lee do not turn up. Collegues simply think they are skiving of together, as they were seen to get off with each other at the party. In the afternoon, Lee does turn up and tells another friend (Neil) about what has happened. He also tells the police, who arrange to meet him later that afternoon in the workplace.

The two friends decide that they cannot wait for the police, so they go off to the complex once more. They leave a message for the police.

It turns out that, for some time now, the police have had an on-going investigation into people going missing. Specifically people in the more highly paid, intelligent jobs. Kerry's workplace has been just one of the companies they've been working with in their investigations - though they have been kept secret from employees and from the public.

Two detectives go looking for the complex that was described in the note left by the two friends. When they get to the site, there is absolutely no sign of the complex ever having been there. During their search they hear a scream and weird crackling noise to go with it.

Following the sound, they arrive at an electrical sub-station and discover the partially burned body of Neil on top of a transformer. The body is taken away.

A PM reveals the death was due to electrocution. A suicide letter is found on him, stating that he was responsible for the deaths of Kerry and Lee by drug overdose, and that he was the one who gave them the drugs without their knowledge, as a prank gone wrong.

This would seem to explain the missing complex as having been hallcinated by friend. It would also seem to explain the strange behaviour of Kerry, that had been noticed by her colleagues over the last few days. Their bodies are never found. The case is reluctantly closed.


Mostly told from Kerry's point of view, though some bits from Lee's point of view. Third person, past tense.

Chapter Notes

Here are the plot notes for each chapter/section. A rough storyboard for the piece.

Very Early Friday Morning [Awakening]

Kerry awakes on wall. Amnesia about day before. Keys in coat pocket.

Thursday, The Previous Day [Prologue ]

DI Richard Michaelson works for the police investigating missing persons cases. He notices a pattern in some of the cases in recent years. A great many of the missing people follow the same profile: They are all in their 20s and 30s; they all work for successful hi-tech businesses; they are all single and live alone; the rate of disappearences took a marked rise two years ago; before going missing, some of the people had reported odd ilnesses to their doctors. Things such as unexplained migraine headaches, onset of sleepwalking, even hallucinations.

Could these cases be connected? Were drugs involved? Were the same criminals behind it?

Early Friday Morning [Journey]

Journey to work. Kerry hears phrase 'D minus' for first time.

Friday Morning [Work]

Main characters introduced. Second occurance of 'D minus' phrase.

Friday Afternoon & Evening [Work & Play]

More character development. Crown & Septre pub scene.

Very Early Saturday Morning [Second Awakening]

Waking in a field scene. Business with keys again. Walks home. Watch stopped.

Saturday Morning [Thoughts]

Dream about football match with McPaul as referee, and 'D-' on the team's shirts.

Saturday Evening [Pub]

Scene in The Enigma. Recounting of Dave Peterson sleeping in the ATM room. McPaul seems to know Kerry's keys live in her coat pocket.

Late Saturday Evening [Party]

McPaul apparently gets off the hook, due to Kerry discovering that he's only just got back into the country. Lee and Kerry get off with each other. Kerry confides in Lee about her troubles.

Sunday Morning [Discovery]

Kerry and Lee back-trace Kerry's steps from the field she woke up in. They go a bit further and discover a strange concrete booth resembling a telephone box in shape. Inside is just empty, or so they think, but it does in fact lead to a secret underground complex. In it they find multiple underground levels, each with a long corridor with lots of rooms, hundreds altogether. All rooms seem to be locked until they reach D-11 on the fourth level down, after trying at random. Inside is a table and chair, a projector and a viewing screen. Kerry has a feeling that the room is familiar, even though she has no memory of being there. She goes to sit in the chair, and kicks something on the floor as she does so. It is a used syringe and needle. They theorise that she has been subjected to drugs and brainwashing of some kind, as the chair faces the screen. Kerry turns to her left and sees the 'D-11' sign on the door they came in through, but the digits have worn away, leaving just 'D-' visible - the source of Kerry's anxiety over the past few days.

They are caught by men with guns who separate them, tie them to chairs in separate rooms, and then give them injections. They lose conciousness.

Sunday Afternoon [Missing]

Lee wakes up in his house, but unlike Kerry, remembers quite a bit of what happened before. He decides to call the police, but first he tries to call Kerry. She does not answer, so he panics and heads off to the secret underground place again. He is careful, as he doesn't want to run into the gunmen again, but the place seems deserted anyway. No sign of Kerry, room D-11 or anywhere else. He gets locked in overnight.

Monday Morning [Missing Again]

Kerry and Lee are both missing at work, but their colleagues just assume they are skiving off together, as it was noted that they'd got off with each other at Neil's party.

Lee escapes from the underground complex, when the doors open automatically - probably on a timer. He goes straight to the police and makes his frantic report to Detective Michaelson. He gets frustrated because the police say that they cannot deem a person missing if they have been gone for less than 24 hours. Lee suspects that they simply don't believe his story. He goes back to work, as they suggest.

Lee arrives just before lunch and tells Neil the whole story and how he has spent the morning making a report to the police, and how seemingly unhelpful they were. They decide to do their own investigation.

Monday Afternoon [Investigation]

Michaelson arrives at TransData to question the colleagues there. Meanwhile Antrobus takes a search team to look for the underground complex. When they get to the site, there is absolutely no sign of it, nor of Kingsley and Jarvis.

They hear a scream and find Jarvis' burned body on a transformer in the power station. It is taken away for examination. Forensics find no signs of foul play at the scene.

Tuesday [Post Mortem]

The PM revealsed that death was due to electrocution. A suicide note is found on Jarvis, that states that he was responsible for drugging Lee and Kerry and that he'd accidentally killed them both in a prank that went wrong. The police search for their bodies but none are ever found.

Six Months Later [Case Closed]

The underground complex was found, though its entrance had been covered up, along with the body of McPaul and two others, presumably Kerry and Lee. Forensics revealed traces only of the victimes, military man, Jarvis and McPaul. The complex was resealed. The military man was captured and put in prison for kidnapping and the murders of Jarvis and McPaul. He gives away nothing. The masterminds behind things were never caught. Case has to be reluctantly closed.

Three Years Later [Epilogue]

Tom and Jodie Freeman, a thirty-something couple, are having a barbeque in their back garden with their friends and neighbours. They have a young baby, Patrick, who everyone there is adoring. They dwell briefly upon their earlier child, Anna, who they lost at birth.

A police car arrives and one of the constables gets out. Peter Hackett is a local and is known to the Freeman family, so he goes to greet them. He stays briefly but then returns to his colleague in the car.

DI Andrew Antrobus (promoted) is now heading up the Victim Protection Scheme. He reminisces about the partially solved missing persons cases three years ago.

Antrobus meets Hackett in a pub. He checks on how various relocated victims are getting on, including the Freemans. Afterwards he ticks them off his list. The Freeman family are actually Kerry and Lee.

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