Brief Outline

The story is in three parts, set in the recent past, the present and the future. They will be told in interleaved chapters and eventually they will all link up.

Part One
The Camping Party
Part Two
Natural Science
Part Three
Building Bridges
Some kids from a school drama class are out hiking for the weekend with their teacher. On their way home they take a wrong turning that leads them to a dead end - an old disused quarry. Here they observe a strange St Elmo's fire in the rocks... A pair of graduate physics students are working on a way to revolutionise the communications industry. An accident in their laboratory causes a set-back but eventually leads to a discovery that will change the world... Eight year old Yonny loses his best friend. His grief triggers some strange but vivid dreams that continue throughout his childhood. As he reaches puberty, he realises that he has an ability that far exceeds dreaming...

Sample Chapters

Here are also some sample chapters available for you to read.



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