Novel Racers' Publications


The Novel Racers' Publications (NRP) system allows you access to a repository of information about the published books from the Novel Racers and their friends.

You can access the information directly from this page. You can also incorporate the NRP gadget into your own blog: see the example given below.

Mock-up Blog Page Example

Your Lovely Blog
Top area
Blog postings
Blah, blah, blah
Witter, witter, witter
Ramble, waffle, drone
NRP gadget here
Loading gadget...
Bottom area


To put the NRP gadget into your blog, you'll need to carry out the following steps.

  1. Go to your blog page. You'll need to be signed into Google/Blogger at this point.
  2. Select "customise" from the menu bar. This should take you to the Layout->Page Elements panel.
  3. Click on one of the "Add a Gadget" boxes. It's best to chose one from the full-width top or bottom areas, depending on your chosen blog template. The NRP gadget needs quite a bit of horizontal space and is therefore not very suitable for a left or right side-bar.
  4. From the "Add a Gadget" window, select the one that says "HTML/JavaScript".
  5. Give your gadget a title, then paste the following code into the main box:
  6. Click "Save".
  7. Close the HTML/JavaScript window, if it hasn't automatically closed.
  8. Click "Save" near the top of the Add and Arrange Page Elements panel.
  9. Click "View Blog".


Here is a list of issues that have been reported about the NRP system.

Issue Found Status Fixed Description Submitted By
001 1.0 Open Main images to be displayed full-size, rather than thumbnails. Leigh
004 1.0 Open Use The Book Depository in the "Available From" links, rather than Amazon. Zinnia
006 1.0 Open A version to put in side-bars, rather than a large horizontal one. For personal blogs, rather than the main NR blog. Leigh
009 1.2 Open Slide-show mode causes irritating "blinking" effect in Opera browser. Captain
002 1.0 Fixed 1.1 Gadget to be made horizontal. Liz
003 1.0 Fixed 1.1 The (horizontal) gadget to be placed near the top of the NR blog, just under the title. Liz
005 1.0 Fixed 1.1 Will all the books show at once or will they scroll round one at a time? JJ
007 1.0 Fixed 1.1 Navigation buttons and thumbnail scroller lose synchronisation, as does the "help/go" button. Captain
008 1.1 Fixed 1.2 Clicking the "help/show" button does not stop the slide-show mode. Therefore you only get two seconds to read the help text, before the next book appears and obliterates it. Captain

Change History

Please report any issues with the NRP gadget or data to Captain Black.

Version Date Description
1.6 17/05/09 Reduced the amount of JavaScript code in favour of static HTML, for faster rendering.
1.5 17/04/09 Refactored some JavaScript functions.
1.4 30/03/09 Slide show mode is now on by default for all browser types, except for Opera.
1.3 05/02/09 Added mouse hover-over hints for controls.